So it’s on…Gary V’s in! This is going to be fun folks!

Check out the link over at the Silicon Prairie News site for more information…

Stay tuned, as I’ll try and detail the process and we keep moving towards the event next May…


More detailed background at Silicon Prarie News, but loved the quote by Ron Conway:

“Meeting entrepreneurs who are inventing something is very very interesting.  When you meet an entrepreneur you are talking to the future of technology.”

You can view the rest of the clip here:

The Role of the Angel Investor

Well vacation 2008 to Great Wolf Lodge is over for now…we had a great time, went too fast.  Here are some of the photos.  More to come…

Slobotski’s Great Wolf Lodge 2008 Trip

Funny video between Cayden & Logan dueling for the camera’s attention…

I figured I would post about it if for no other reason that my two boys can look up on the site years from now and realize I was covered once in the paper.

At any rate, it was fun and Stefanie Monge is a solid reporter who “gets it”.  Not because of the story on me, but because she’s constantly covering Omaha’s real movers, doers, entreprenuers and innovators.  Keep up the great work Stefanie!

Without further ado, here’s the story…

Published Monday August 25, 2008
Movers: Silicon Prairie blog helps one man connect

Jeff Slobotski’s ability to connect with people has led many of his friends and colleagues to describe him as a “human router.”

“I love connecting with people,” Slobotski said.

He writes Silicon Prairie News, a blog devoted to “highlighting young entrepreneurs and professionals in the greater Omaha area.” Slobotski said he promotes startups and new technology in hopes of increasing awareness of innovation in the Midlands.

He helps organize events to bring together entrepreneurs, including the recent BarCamp Omaha and a book signing by Silicon Valley business reporter and author Sarah Lacy.

Collaboration among entrepreneurs, investors and the “creative class” – which includes artists, musicians and designers – allows people with ideas to meet people with the skills to get them off the ground, he said.

Slobotski’s latest project is establishing a work space and creative incubator for entrepreneurs. “It’s about getting the right people together to facilitate future success.”

Creative startups, such as the Slowdown nightclub and Film Streams at the Ruth Sokolof Theater, “have laid the groundwork” for the creative vibe in Omaha, but it must be maintained to spur future growth, he said.

Slobotski is manager of corporate sales for Truist, a New York City-based company that sells software to track corporate social responsibility. He works remotely from Omaha most of the time.

His passion for volunteerism and corporate responsibility goes beyond his job. Slobotski said he is a strong believer in social entrepreneurship, a model in which giving is a core business principle from the start of operation.

Slobotski started Packs of Promise, an organization that provides homeless men and women in Omaha with backpacks filled with supplies for winter.

Omaha is getting a lot of national buzz, he said, with its placement on the Top 5 and Top 10 lists of various publications.

As the next generation of business leaders steps up to the plate, it is important to maintain the spirit of philanthropy here, he said.

• Contact the writer: 444-1085,

So I made it through BarCampOmaha this past weekend…you can read a full review at my other blog here:

SiliconPrairieNews Covers BarCampOmaha

And all I have to say is Omaha is filled with so many amazingly smart and creative people. Man.

Jeff Slobotski photos Sarah and Jackie O during Scott Blakes Show

Jeff Slobotski photos Sarah and Jackie O during Scott Blake's Show

I loved meeting so many talented people including Scott Blake.  More to come soon…Keep it up Omaha!

Less than a week to Omaha’s first BarCamp and this year’s event is turning out to be tremendous.

BarCamp is open to anyone working in or around the creative class. Anyone who wants to can host sessions on Saturday morning. BarCamp is particularly open to sessions exploring creativity, social discussions, and other not-necessarily-technological in nature sessions. BarCampers are the kind of people who like to talk, think, read, and discuss new an innovative ideas. They program, hack, crack, improve, design, walk, talk, smile, develop and create.

Any attendee who is not learning or enjoying himself is bound to employ the law of two feet. “If you are not learning or teaching something, then you must use your own two feet to move you to someplace where you are.”

Friday night will kick off with a DJ Brent Crampton playing poolside at FrostAcres—should be a great social event.

So I’m in Washington DC for a few days…my second favorite city behind NYC of course…

Doing some work for my new company, Truist…more on that later.

In related news, I’m loving all of the great press that Sarah Lacy has put out on her visit to Omaha.  Go Team Lacy!

So now it looks like I have to practice my jumping after being highlighted on Sarah Lacy’s blog…

Jeff jumps to promote Sarah Lacy’s book from Silicon Prairie News on Vimeo.

So Cayden and I got to go to his first Omaha Royals game…it was a lot of fun, beautiful evening and a fun time for him to learn the game of baseball…it seems like just yesterday I was rocking him to sleep…enjoy the video!

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