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My Passions…

I love and live for enthusiastic individuals!  Omaha is a gem of a city and I’m attracted to young entrepreneurs and innovative people in our great community.

I work as the Director of Innovation & New Media for an amazing organization, the AIM Institute.

I consider myself an innovator, connector and entrepreneur (not always in that order)!

What exactly is an innovator, connector and entrepreneur?

I enjoy connecting with dynamic people—taking the skills and talents they have and in a sense promoting the work they are involved in.

I believe that we work best as a community, rather in silos each doing or own thing.

I was inspired by a friend from Austin, John Erik and I enjoy his inspiration and passion:

Mission #1: Mercilessly beating and outsmarting life; forcing it to bend into the reality I choose.

How I’m doing this:

  • I’m constantly on the hunt for people with gusto. When I find them, we stick together.
  • I compete, in a friendly rivalry, with these people each day to see who’s created the most value or done something ridiculous.
  • To keep up, follow me on twitter or via my blog.

Mission #2: Making sure Omaha is technologically progressive and competitive city for years to come.

How I’m doing this:

50,000ft Mission: Eliminate inequality with empathy and technology…hmm…might take some deep thinking.

General Passions: promoting empathy (talking about why it’s important), critical thinking and awareness, spearheading conceptual ideas, building relationships and being a genuine friend to those I meet.