I ran across this post in my box this morning from Robin Sharma’s blog and thought it was worth sharing with my friends and family…so true and something to keep in mind. Enjoy.

“Snowy morning in my hometown. Wish I was on a mountain with boards strapped to my feet (I’m talking about my outright love of skiing, for my dear friends in warmer climates). Thinking about success – and what it’s really all about.

One of the dominant values of our world is that we win once we reach our goals/objectives/mountaintops. We can only feel fulfilled when we get to the end of our quest and arrive at the place we’ve longed to reach. We can call ourselves successful only once we’ve done our dreams. Then we get to celebrate. Because we’ve arrived at our beautiful destination.

But what if that value we hold so very closely to our hearts is wrong? What if the real game is the journey – not the end. What if the very meaning of success is about loving/embracing/experiencing the journey towards our cherished ambitions versus reaching the mountaintop?

What I’ve found in my own life is that it’s what the climb to my loftiest goals makes of me and evokes from within me that’s most important. As I aim high and reach for my dreams, the best within me expresses itself. Resources I didn’t know I had begin to shine. I realize I am stronger, better, wiser than I gave myself credit for. And so are you. Absolutely.

Here’s the thing: These human gifts only begin to appear as you walk towards what you most want. It’s the journey itself that introduces you to the magnificence of all you are. So why shouldn’t we honor it? And maybe getting your goals done, while exceedingly important, is just icing on the cake.”