Less than a week to Omaha’s first BarCamp and this year’s event is turning out to be tremendous.

BarCamp is open to anyone working in or around the creative class. Anyone who wants to can host sessions on Saturday morning. BarCamp is particularly open to sessions exploring creativity, social discussions, and other not-necessarily-technological in nature sessions. BarCampers are the kind of people who like to talk, think, read, and discuss new an innovative ideas. They program, hack, crack, improve, design, walk, talk, smile, develop and create.

Any attendee who is not learning or enjoying himself is bound to employ the law of two feet. “If you are not learning or teaching something, then you must use your own two feet to move you to someplace where you are.”

Friday night will kick off with a DJ Brent Crampton playing poolside at FrostAcres—should be a great social event.